Content-Based Analysis


ClusterMedia Labs is a leading semantic audio-visual analysis technology company based in Aveiro, Portugal ( - Building 1). The company provides complete automatic metadata generation solutions for Media Asset Management and Business Intelligence.

The research done is expressed in advanced algorithms for content-based analysis. The innovative of technology allows: high accuracy rates with low computational costs (real-time performance), even in several and simultaneous semantic contexts (speakers, music background, environment sounds); and a Metaphysical behavior (with more refined semantic definitions of sound patterns).



ClusterMedia Labs has developed advanced algorithms to automatically generate metadata from Live Broadcast 'Feeds' and audio-visual archives, and publish online media content searchable in several categories like speakers, TV shows, commercials, musical genres, jingles and others. The company has launched in NAB 2008 ( and IBC ( LiveMeans® Platform, an Automated Media Analysis for content-based and semantic indexing, which enables real time notifications to be sent regarding users personalized content on the mobile TV (avoiding users from becoming frustrated with channel zapping and tailoring the content, namely contextual advertising), IPTV and web TV services, as well a novel and promising Content-Based Music Discovery & Retrieval Engine.


ClusterMedia Labs’s intellectual property (IP) and products portfolio includes:


• LiveMeans Engine® - adaptable platform that may be fitted to the desired application in the following segments:


- Media Asset Management / Broadcast

- Media Monitoring/Clipping

- Parliaments

- Real-Time Content Notifications (e.g SMS Alerts)

- Automatic Start Recording for Live Mobile TV

- “SmarterYouTube” (Search Engine to improve youtube and similar searches)

- Music On Radio

- Music On TV



• SoundsLike.Me is a Content-Based Music Discovery & Retrieval Engine


The incorporation of this music acoustic similarity technology in hybrid music recommendation systems in mobile music services will introduce users to new exciting usages like to find songs and/or artists (drag & search) easily by way of acoustic similarity with recent material releases (novelty & relevance, improves current discovery & search tools in music recommendation services and mitigates obstacles related to scalability, "cold-start" and one-sized selections and access to the long tail of unclassified music collections like MySpace.


• TV & Radio Commercials Automatic Detection




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