Management Team


Manager of Corporate Communications:

Lurdes Duarte: lurdes[at]


CEO + R&D:

Vitor Soares: vitor.soares[at]



Financial Manager & Development:

José Silva: jose.silva[at]


Business Development:

Team : corporate[at]



Great Developers, Scientists and Designers: Paulo Dias | José Machado | Tiago Araújo | Luis Gomes




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research & development address:


Avenida Santa Joana, nº 69, 1º

3810-329 Aveiro

Phone/tel. + 351 234 380 301 / + 351 234 247 392


Location[map]: SEE GOOGLE MAPS


Reference Locations

Museu de Aveiro, Sé Catedral, Parque da Cidade



Estr. Nac. 109, N197 2E

3810-140 Aveiro - PT

tel. + 351 934 260 149






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